About Us

Established in March 2017 as a subsidiary of ENERTRAG SE, the German-based renewable energy company formed in 1992, our experienced South African team has a remarkable track record and a vision to unlock the country’s renewable potential.

ENERTRAG SE, was founded in 1992 by owner, Jörg Müller, an engineer by training, who quickly realised the importance and inevitability of renewable energy for our collective future. He conceptualised his first wind farm in 1989 and constructed it in 1993 – it is still operating today in Germany’s Uckermark region.

ENERTRAG has a history in developing and operating high yield renewable energy projects. With an installed capacity of 760MW and over 500 employees, ENERTRAG is currently responsible for operating and managing 1000+ turbines around the world. A leading project developer, ENERTRAG have projects in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, South Africa, Ghana, Uruguay and Vietnam.

Leading by Innovation

Driven by innovation, ENERTRAG is pioneering the power-to-gas industry and in 2011 opened the world’s first hybrid wind to hydrogen powerplant near their headquarters in Dauerthal, northern Germany. Adding to this ENERTRAG has developed: PowerSystem, a software tool for operating and maintaining wind turbines around the world; System Technologies including Airspex® and procandela®, lighting and radar system aimed at reducing the visual impact of wind turbines at night in addition to other conventional lighting systems; Gridion® emergency power systems (UPS); and innovative grid solutions for energy injection and transmission for a variety of renewable sources – whether its biogas, wind, or heat power, ENERTRAG is an expert in building systems that tap the potential of renewable energies.